Awesome movie…could extended on the plot a little more. Blood gore and a fucked up ending. where did you see it?

Celestial Pictures has released the remastered Five Element Ninja

One of my favorites. They are remastering the entire Shaw Brothers canon (whatever survived anyway).

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Is anyone going to see this? I forgot it came out today, so I have to plan to see it sometime next week. I really can’t wait to see it, and some spoiler free positive reviews always makes movies so much better when you actually do see them!was it any boring. just wondering. more talking […]

Matrix Reloaded =

One long ass preachy boring movie. Just like the first one, this one sucked. Doesn’t do it for you? Oh well :shrug:.

the movie with the kangaroo rat people

there this one movie ide say from like 1997 ish it was about kangaroo rat people warriors like some kid was in a water tower i think and fell in and went into some imagionary land place with like fighting going on and i think and they were like a purple one a blue one […]

Planet Terror and Transformers on DVD.

Picked them both up last night at midnight. Planet Terror is still by itself, and has some new scenes, but the missing reel is still there. I was happy that it came with the Machete trailer though. Great movie.Yep picked up both aswell. Just finished PT a few minutes ago. Excellent movie.planet terror – great […]

Perfume: The Story of a murder

any one else see this movie? the gf was intersted in it so i rented it for her. from the one preview i saw i NEVER expected to see some of the crazy shit in this movie. its way out there and at the end of the movie i was not quite sure if i […]

Resident Evil 3

was soo good! You have to have seen the other two and enjoy the series to appreciate it fully, though. I’m gonna see it again!I saw the advance screening here last night. It was entertaining. @ "K-mart"like wtf? i thought they say this was going to be the last one the ending is so fucking […]

Mr. Brooks

How was this movie? I was thinking about doing a pre order. Is it worth it?I thought it was really entertaining… I love watching Costner do something that isnt Costner…Had potential but half of it is pointless as hell (the female cop storyline) and many scenes reek of MTV generation style bullshit.Good movie. Saw it […]

The Frighteners/seraphim falls

two great movies one better than the other though the The Frighteners was most likley in the top ten best movies ive ever seen it gets a ten out of ten it had every thing in it comedy, action, horror, mystery, and romance every thing to make a great movie. they story line was amazing […]