Bridge to Terabithia

Anyone else get pissed off everytime the trailer plays for this thing? Looks like they took a classic story about two friends and their tragedy and just turned it into a fantasy adventure movie. Maybe it will be a good movie, but they should have called it something else. I bet they even change the […]


I would never have gone to see it, except I got a high recommendation from a friend who saw it. Cute movie. Well done. Plan to see it tomorrow night, not expecting much, just a nice indie film. Feel so sorry for the director, killed by an illegal alien.It’s a nice movie. Kerri looks positively […]

DVD Rental websites

I am not sure if this is where this goes or not but I am looking for a good online DVD rental company, I have used Netflix and blockbuster but have had bad experiences with them both. Is there any more out there that are decent and have good selections?What experiences did you have with […]

In this thread you will tell me

How great or how shitty beowolf 3-D was go go goIf I hadn’t been familiar with/read the Grendel portion of Beowulf I would have enjoyed it a lot more. I don’t recall Beowulf ever fucking Grendel’s mother… and other stuff I wont mention so I dont spoil anything. I guess I’m saying if you’re going […]

Fred Claus

Skip it. Looks like they spent plenty on good actors & CGI, but forgot to buy them a decent script. Not enough funny, and even the kids were bored. Only interesting part, a brother self-help group that included Roger Clinton, Frank Stallone, & Daniel Baldwin.i wouldn’t watch that movie if you paid me. just what […]

Does anyone here read IMDB forums?

I hate how they jump all over a movie and the damn thing is not even out yet.

Love in the Time of Cholera…the movie

First of all, has anyone read the novel? I love it. It’s one of the greatest pieces of literature, in my opinion. Second of all, is anyone as excited about this movie as I am? It comes out Friday! Yay!that’s creepy. i just came out of my roomate’s room and she was reading that.Yes they […]

Was Matt Damon the right pick for 'Sexiest Man Alive'?

I was thinking they should have put a mirror on the front cover and given the title to ‘YOU’. But then I guess one look in the mirror would have severely undermined the mag’s credibility.Matt Damon is a pretty weak choice. There are a lot more attractive guys in Hollywood. MD looks like someone’s uncle.I […]

Russell Crowe in American Gangster > Russell Crowe in 3:10 to Yuma

WAY better character, he’s better in it and he does an all around good job. Sidenote this movie doesn’t disappoint like I was fearing it would. It’s based on a true story or whatever and kinda follows the typical flow of the many stories that have been placed on screen before it…..but it’s not a […]

good bank robberishy heist movie movies

inside man heat quick change (if you want a silly comedy bank heist) trapped in paradise (if you want comedy bank heist)Bandits = Awesome / Amazing ending. Dead Presidents? Point Break?Dead Presidents Heat Inside Man all great movies.Employee of the Month NOT THE ONE WITH DANE COOK (One with Matt Dillon