Director of Ong-Bak's NEW movie. CHOCOLATE!

If you’ve been following Thai director Prachya Pinkaew’s latest movies like Ong-Bak and The Protector then you know what his movies are all about. Yes. This one is minus Tony Jaa but I’m sure the loss won’t be AS great once you’ve seen the trailer. It’s worth it just for the "outakes" (you’ll see what […]

Sweeney Todd

Boring! The film was well made but the songs took away from the action. The acting was good, and the violence was graphic, but everytime things got hopping, they would burst into song. Just not my cup of tea. I give it a was originally a musical.. so i suppose it helps knowing that […]

should i watch the Godfather tonight?

they are airing part one and two tonight and part 3 tomorrow, i have never seen these movies, but mafia/mob stuff has recently became in interest to me so, should i watch them tonight, or would i be better off renting them from the library? if they are on a channel that will take out […]

program like peer guardian

peer guardian doesnt work on windows vista, so anyone know a program that does the same type thing, that works with vista? thanks.

What movies have made you cry or in tears?!?!

not a movie but this japanese drama made me fuckin any faggot that says Click should get whipped with chains.Old Yeller. But I was 8 years old.i’ve never actually cried, but when mufasa died i seriously felt so sadSaving Private Ryan had me a bit choked up at the end.Beastmaster, where they threw one of […]

True or False – Kathy Griffin played herself in Pulp Fiction

she wakes up Marsellus Wallace (ving rhames) after Butch (bruce willis) hits him with the car.When you see the scene, she’s actually pretty funny…the look on her her face when Ving pulls out the gun, and then she gets the hell out of there – pretty funny shit. She was a nobody back then, but […]

Somebody help me find these movies!

I’m taking this post-war film and lit class and my professor scheduled every screening when I (and 1/4 of the class) have another class. I need to find the following movies (preferably for free): -The Postman Always Rings Twice -Rebel Without a Cause -Easy Rider -Taxi Driver -Blade Runner -The Matrix -Lost in Translation I […]

Cloverfield Monster

They look like zerglings crossed with the bugs from Starship Troopers no, it’s not a whale

Transformers vs. Cloverfield Monster

Could the Transformers from the live action film have been able to battle and take out the Cloverfield monster? Just wondering…Probably not. Jazz got ripped in half and Megatron is no where near the size of the monster. Doesn’t Megatron possess a really powerful gun?

Seinfeld Episode

I don’t have the DVD’s, but I’m looking for one episode in particular – it was season 3, I think episode 34? The episode was called "The Boyfriend". Does anyone have this or know where I can find it?Weird coincidence, I bought the entire series refrigerator box set near Christmas and that’s the episode I […]