City of God

First time seeing it, what a fucking wonderful movie.It is IMDB’s #16 of all time. While I don’t think it is that good, it still is quite an amazing film.Great movie, & my Brazilian cousins say it is very accurate.I came across it on starz one day and couldn’t look away. I’m glad I didn’t […]

Charlie Wilsons War

I really enjoyed this movie, anybody else? How historically accurate is this movie?saw it twice good movie Not sure about how much Charlie did during the Afghan-Soviet war.Just got done watching it an hour ago, I also liked it. I had to pay attention though to understand everything that was going on, since I wasn’t […]

Leaked – The Dark Knight prologue

This is the 6 minute bank heist clip from The Dark Knight attached to the IMAX showing of I Am Legend.

Why the negative ratings for Balls of Fury?

It was a pretty funny typical cheap movie. I mean, of course theyre cheesy and cliche parts, but i dont think it dserved practically 2 stars out of 10. wudafuxup?the movie was really boring most of the time.. i got maybe a good 5 laughs out of it and most of the time it involved […]

good foreign films?

mainly asian ones, but others i can look at. i saw the suicide club a few days ago…very abstract.Some more popular ones that you may have seen already but: The Audition Battle Royale 7 zumecki (sp?) Itchi the Killer If you haven’t seen any of those they’re pretty good but I’m not a huge foreign […]

Saw 4 missing scene *spoilers*

now I know it’s small, but I just watched the DVD of Saw 4 (uncut) and I think there’s a scene missing. When the montage of ‘s character is revealed as being the next helper for Jigsaw, there’s a scene, I think, in the theatrical where it revisits him talking to the two FBI agents. […]

Dragonball fans, prepare to riot…shit live movie coming…

Goku is white, there is no krillin and chi chi and ox king MIGHT make an appearance. Fucking lame as hell but every fan on earth will see it just to see it even knowing it’s going to be shit….I know I am. I’m interested to see the fight scenes and how they will "power […]

For those that actually ENJOYED cloverfield…VIDEO, Manga and spoilers

For those that saw and would like to know where it came from and how it got there here you go. If you haven’t seen it watch the vid, read the manga and then watch the movie and come back to read the spoilers if you can’t figure it out. I thought I knew too […]

Question: Godzilla Crew

says that All Monsters Attack and Terror Of Mechagodzilla came out on 1/15/08. I looked on Amazon and at Best Buy, and they don’t even list them. Anyone find these on the shelves anywhere?

Movie Of The Year?

No Country For Old Men. Give the Coens the Oscar! No No Country For Old Men thisratatouille or no country or there will be blood.its gonna be a toss up between no country and there will be blood