'The Darjeeling Limited'

Check out the trailer for Wes Anderson’s upcoming film The Darjeeling Limited, which stars Adrien Brody, Jason Schwartzman, and a possibly post-op (nose-jobbed?) Owen Wilson as brothers who hope to reconnect by taking a train trip across India. I can’t shake the feeling that without the face brace, Owen Wilson would seem really out of […]

'Get Smart'

Get Smart‘s teaser keeps its gifts slightly more guarded — perhaps because it doesn’t have many? All we see of the film — based on the 1960’s TV satire of secret agent genre — is three examples of the uncouth Maxwell Smart (Carell) doing a bumbling James Bond impression and then standing around looking silly. […]

'Fred Claus'

Do we really need another bawdy reimagining of the classic Santa tale? In my mind Ernest Saves Christmas put the genre to bed back in 1988, but since then the procession has been endless: Bad Santa, Elf, Jingle All the Way, The Santa Clause, etc. Some of those movies were pretty funny, but even Mozart […]

'Elizabeth: The Golden Age'

One thing I really liked about the original 1998 Elizabeth was how much it resembled The Godfather, even down to the Coppola-style cross-cut editing. In director Shekhar Kapur’s hands, Cate Blanchett’s Tudor queen became a Michael Corleone figure, moving from naivete to ruthless consolidation of power, at the cost of isolating herself from all close […]

'Descent' – Rape Movie Trailer

Click play and watch the rape trailer below: In Descent, acclaimed actress Rosario Dawson plays the most controversial character of her career: a promising college student who becomes bent on seeking revenge after a brutal date rape. The feature debut of co-writer/director/producer Talia Lugacy, Descent is a film that unnervingly tackles some of the country’s most taboo subjects.