Waitress (April 27) The Sundance sensation from late actress-director Adrienne Shelly stars the delightful Keri Russell (pictured) as a pregnant, pie-making artiste, which in itself makes the movie a must-see for me, but the added presence of Cheryl Hines and Nathan Fillion doesn’t hurt, either. That said, this trailer feels oddly disjointed to me, and […]

'The Reaping'

The Reaping (March 30) Dead livestock! Rivers of blood! A wild-eyed mother who wants two-time Oscar-winner Hilary Swank to kill her baby! I can’t say I found the trailer for this Biblical-plague thriller particularly frightening (not with robotically delivered howlers like “I’ve investigated 48 miraculous occurrences, with 48 scientific explanations”), but the swarms of locusts […]

'Spider-Man 3'

Quick, quick, quick! You’ve only got till 9 p.m. PT to click here, and check out NBC’s exclusive sneak peek of three scenes from the upcoming Spider-Man 3. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’ll just say if the fight sequence looks this good on my computer monitor, I can’t wait to […]