'The Aristocrats'

The Aristocrats (opening July 29): Aided by judicious editing, famous comics tell the less filthy bits of a notoriously raunchy joke. You won’t believe your ears when the boys from South Park tell it. (Warning: The joke is very profane and very offensive, though it loses something when told by a little kid like Cartman, […]

'9 Songs'

9 Songs (July 22): A couple spend their time going to rock concerts and having sex. The rock bands are real, and so is the sex. Alas,there’s no smoking, snorting, or shooting up, so I don’t know if they make it a triumvirate of actual sex, drugs, and rock & roll.


Shopgirl (Oct. 21): Based on Steve Martin’s novella, a department store sales clerk (Claire Danes) must choose between a wealthy, older suitor (Martin) or a younger, penniless one (Jason Schwartzman). I’m not sure from the clip whether the film will capture the delicate, wistful tone of the book, though its shots of nocturnal L.A. suggest […]

New 'Charlie' and 'Corpse Bride' goodies

Can’t get enough early tastes of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? The film’s website now has 360-degree tours of several rooms in Willy Wonka’s factory, including the Chocolate Room and the Inventing Room. (Sorry, no free samples on this tour.) Meanwhile, Tim Burton fans can also get the most comprehensive glimpse yet at fall’s animated […]

Star in your own movie trailer

Wanna be in a movie trailer? Now you can, thanks to the folks at New Line, who will let you ”crash” the clip for Wedding Crashers by splicing yourself into their movie promo. Here’s a scary sample of what the result might look like. Try it out, and if you like the results, send us […]