'Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Get Rich or Die Tryin’ (Fall 2005) Can Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson act? It’s hard to tell from this early teaser, which doesn’t quite connect the dots as his character makes the leap from a life of crime to life as a rap star. That said, a brief appearance by Terrence Howard (in theaters now […]

"V for Vendetta"

V for Vendetta (Nov. 4) Natalie Portman’s fetching buzzcut and defiant ”no” at the start of this trailer mark her as an unusual kind of action hero. The underdog-versus-dictatorship theme resonates, especially when creepy John Hurt pops up as the villainous Bishop Lilliman.

'Rumor Has It'

Rumor Has It (Dec. 21) A New York Times obituary writer (Jennifer Aniston, left) begins to suspect her family was the inspiration for The Graduate. And from the film’s trailer, it looks like the high jinks that ensue are actually pretty darn funny. Aniston may have found a script, a director (Rob Reiner), and an […]

'A Sound of Thunder'

A Sound of Thunder (Sept. 2) The first clip here filled me with dread, especially when I saw the logo of schlock factory Franchise Pictures at the beginning. My fears — that the film would turn Ray Bradbury’s elegant little tale of the dangers of time travel into a big, dumb action spectacle — seemed […]

'Walk the Line'

Walk the Line (Nov. 18) After seeing this, I’m sold on Joaquin Phoenix (left, who appears to be doing his own singing) as Johnny Cash. I’m less sold on Reese Witherspoon as June Carter. Maybe the clip should have shown her singing, too.

'Nanny McPhee'

Nanny McPhee (Oct. 21) Emma Thompson looks pretty hilarious as the witchy Supernanny with one long, snaggly tooth. Movie looks like a promising blend of Mary Poppins and Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

'Oliver Twist'

Oliver Twist (Sept. 30) Sony’s official site for Roman Polanski’s remake doesn’t have a trailer yet, but French distributor Pathé does. It’s dubbed into French (seeking seconds on gruel, hungry little Oliver says ”encore” instead of ”more”), but the gist of it is pretty clear. There’s a second, similar teaser on the film’s French-language website.

'Just Like Heaven'

Just Like Heaven (Sept. 16) The Reese Witherspoon-Mark Ruffalo clip looks like your basic romantic comedy, except for two twists: 1) Reese is a spirit haunting Ruffalo’s apartment (judging by the trailer, she may live in his fridge), and 2) it features Jon Heder. It’s worth watching the trailer just to hear Napoleon Dynamite say, […]

'The Bad News Bears'

The Bad News Bears (July 22) Yahoo! Movies has a nine-minute clip from the film. It’s surprisingly mild, with Coach Billy Bob (and director Richard Linklater) on his best behavior. In fact, it looks a lot like the original, down to the classical score, though the original was missing the scene where the Little Leaguers […]


Waiting (Sept. 23): This looks like a movie strung together from the restaurant scenes in Office Space, only without Jennifer Aniston and her vest festooned with ”pieces of flair.” Instead, you get Ryan Reynolds (in Van Wilder mode) and some gross-out American Pie style teen comedy.