2001: A Space Odyssey

hearing so many amazing things about the movie I was hoping for just a great film, the art and everything was unreal in the movie but it was a bit slow and the ending wasn’t that great, but its starting to grow on me after all the art and concepts Kubrick made were really unreal, especially during that time.
A favorite of all time for me. The slow pace of the movie isn’t for everyone, but the movie in my opinion, is simply one of the best.
The ending is confusing, especially at first viewing. If you’re interested read the book, which explains what is going on.

I like the 20 min span of him going through space with the vivid colors and the crazy ass looks on his face .

Definitely in my top 3 movies of all time.

this is truth, i just finished the book.. it’s not a long read and its good..

that scene + Pink Floyd – Echoes music =
I will be watching the movie for the first time tomorrow evening, and on HD-DVD no less. I’m looking forward to it.
i took a class on Kubrick. 2001 never really caught my attention for some reason. maybe i’ll have to take it again
Its an oddball movie first viewing.

But when watched and understood thoroughly its a beautifully executed piece of work.

I had one of the best movie conversations ever on acid talking about this movie in depth.

hey what’s the review here, how’d it look?

I went to family video to rent it and watch before diving into purchasing it on hd and they didn’t have it.

but they did have 2010…..anyone have opinions on that?

You’d be better off watching 2001 first, because much of the plot of 2010 stems from what happened in the first movie.
2001 was a bit slow, but it did have some awesome scenes. I prefered the book.
2010 Should never of happened.

I enjoyed it, but its a shambles compared to the first.

Movies a whole lot better in HD
I couldn’t even finish it. Perhaps it was my mindset at the moment, but it was just too slow.

It wasnt directed by Darren Arronofsky, pal.
it’s a very slow movie and i can see how many people would think it’s boring and drawn out, but it’s just a masterpiece, pure brilliance. Fucking fantastic
Probably one of my top ten films. It’s slow, but it’s graceful in its movements. It’s ponderous and thoroughly unromantic, which, if anything, adds to its charm. The now-famous Blue Danube sequence is a fantastic illustration to how space travel will probably be. I’d love to see this in the original Cinerama, some of the imagery is stunning, although the stargate sequence runs a little long (but it’s nothing in comparison to the “hey look at this footage of Japan” sequence in Solyaris). Those who claim it to be slow are right, but those who claim it to be boring are just not the kind of people 2001 is made for.
I really enjoy parts and elements of that movie and the slow pace doesn’t bother me much. But, with regards to the ending, if you need a book to help you interpret what the hell just happened in a movie, it’s a poorly told story.
I especially love the first sequence, The Dawn of Man, the slow-motion bone smashing with the music is brilliant.

As a side note, Kubrick and Clarke worked together on the script and the story, both of which were based off of an earlier Clarke short story. As Clarke put it, “The script should read, ‘By Kubrick and Clarke’, and the novel ‘By Clarke and Kubrick'”. At the worst, the film is an illustrated, mystical version of the book, that runs on emotions, while the book is the stereo-instruction version of the film. They fit together like puzzle pieces, and this was actually intended.

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