1408 spoiler/plot hole thread

Ok we’ve all seen in. And there were a few WTF moments.

My big ones.

Who the fuck sent the post card saying "Don’t stay in 1408"

When the wife pops back up on the web cam and says the cops are in the room was the really his wife? Or was it the room playing a trick? If it was the room then I fail to see what trickery it added to the situation.

Near the end just before the room is lit on fire the phone/room says he might leave the room but the room will never leave him. What the fuck happend with that?
I smell a 1408 part 2.

Snakes in a hotel room?
i think the room sent the postcard.

i also think the wife made it into the room, and they’re still there.
Yeah, that movie wasn’t exactly ‘solid’ on plot. My biggest gripe is that Act1 took fucking 45 minutes to get done with, 40 minutes of that movie occur before he enters the room. You really don’t need that much time to establish that the room is evil and he’s a writer that writes about haunted shit.

The movie is only 94 minutes long. When you think about it, the ‘bulk’ of the good movie is between him entering the room and the false ending that everyone hated, which probably only comprised 20-30 minutes of the movie. O.o

And what was up with his other book? They never really concluded that, at least if they did I forgot it. The first one that the chick in the beginning liked…
Yeha, there were so many holes in the plot, though I think they all come together if you really think about it… I need to watch it again cause there were a lot of subtle things in the movie:

Wasn’t there something on the wall about burning alive?

if you want to think that the room has a spirit that lives in it, you can say that the room spirit sent him the postcard. Then, you can also say that the reason why the wall had on it, "Burn me Alive"

Confusing… but you can probably conclude many things that are far off from being right… which is what the aim of the movie seemed to be.

**Sorry for bump ^.^**
I think Samuel Jackson sent the postcard.

I liked it a lot better than I thought I would.

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